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Success in launching the new KOMPAQDRAIN® compact channel at the IFAT trade fair in Germany


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The new KOMPAQDRAIN® compact channel with Max Flow® effect developed by the ULMA technical team has been presented at the IFAT Trade Fair in Munich with high expectations. The market has received this new technical development very positively, completing the already extensive range of ULMA drainage solutions.

This new channel has a great advantage over other compact channels on the market, its Max Flow® system with the original design of its water inlets.  This design includes directing outlets that optimize water collection and a progressive widening of the lower part to prevent waste accumulating. This feature combined with increased input speed guarantees an efficient self-cleaning effect and increased drainage capacity.

Within its current internationalization policy, ULMA has defined Germany as one of its target markets. It has an exclusive distributor in that market, the family-run business Amsbeck, with over 85 years of experience. 

At the 50th edition of the IFAT Trade Fair, ULMA presented, alongside Amsbeck, its wide range of drainage solutions with the focus on the new KOMPAQDRAIN® channel. 
IFAT is the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials, and on its 50th anniversary it received 138,000 visitors from over 170 countries and a total of 3,097 exhibitors.