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ULMA : A Superior Channel Drainage System

Savings without sacrificing excellent quality


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You might be surprised at the savings you could make, without sacrificing excellent quality.
Savings are made during the manufacturing process and through the product’s route to market. No long lead times, and no reduction on quality.
ULMA provides a superior system, capable of suiting any aspect of your channel drainage needs. With a vast range of sizes and load classes.

ULMA Benefits
  • Vast range of polymer concrete channel drains; the best range of EN-1433 certified channel drain on the market
  • Best of class Superior Locking System available on most ranges
  • Near zero water absorption and super-fast flow rate
  • Chemical resistant and unaffected by freezing/thawing cycles
  • Excellent pricing and technical backup
Our experience with polymer concrete and the constant investment in product R&D based on optimisation of the material enables us to provide a very competitive range of channels. The linear drainage system, along with its prefabricated condition, also allows our customers to reduce the timeframe with a major saving in labour. All our products have been developed and certified in accordance with Standard EN-1433, and CE.

Commitment to quality is one of our most important values. We proactively promote quality and innovation as the only guarantee for the future, and as strategic factors that are supported by our team’s commitment.

These solutions come from the hand of ULMA Architectural Solutions, a company that is at the forefront in developing customized solutions for sustainable construction sector as well as being a symbol of Quality and warranty seal in Construction.