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ULMA launches Garage Kit Pro onto the market

The drainage system for the household environment in a single Pack


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ULMA Architectural Solutions, a specialist in drainage systems, is launching Garage Kit Pro onto the market, a pack which includes all the elements required to build a drainage system for the household environment of 3m. Made in Europe and designed in accordance with European Standard EN 1433, the Garage Kit is a product mainly geared towards distribution and large DIY stores all around the world.


- Three 1m Channels: With their attendant Galvanised Steel gratings.
- 2 End caps: To close the start and end of the line. Made of Stainless Steel.
- 1 Leaf Guard: Can be taken out for cleaning. Made of Stainless Steel.


- Light and easy to handle and transport.
- Easy to assemble without the need for screws or special tools.
- Ribbed exterior structure for greater rigidity and securing to the concrete.
- Ideal for entrances to garage, patios, gardens and playing area.
- High resistance to chemicals: Petrol, Gasoil, Oils,...
- Channels made of 100% recycled material, environmentally-friendly
- Simple, totally manual connection between channels thanks to its tongue and groove system.
- Vertical outlets compatible with Ø90mm and Ø110mm tubes.
- Easily adjustable closing lids valid for male and female ends.
- 90º lateral connection to make crosses, T and L shapes.
- Easy access and opening of gratings for cleaning and maintenance.