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Drainage channels on the enblematic Cannes dock

ULMA has supplied heavy duty drainage (F250K) channels with a 2.5% slope


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The French city of Cannes is one of the main attractions of the Cote d'Azur tourist region and its emblematic Quai Saint-Pierre, more commonly known as the Vieux Port, which was built in 1838.
ULMA drainage channels
ULMA Architectural Solutions has supplied heavy duty drainage channels (F250k) to be installed at the Cannes dock. The docking, loading and unloading work that will be carried out was decisive in choosing the F system channels, designed specifically for heavy traffic areas or sections where the gratings are subjected to high axial stress due to operations and/or braking. The ULMA drainage solution with 2.5% slope is the only system on the market with a real slope of 2.5%. This marked height difference increases water speed, maximises hydraulic capacity and, therefore, facilitates the channel's self-cleaning process. In short, it is an ideal solution for areas with slope limitations, such as the Cannes dock. The grating supplied was the slotted ductile iron FNX250FTDM designed for resistance class D400 according to EN1433 standard.

City: Cannes
Country: Francia
Products used: F250K