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KompaqDrain® channels at Brasdiesel headquarters, a Scania subsidiary, in Brazil

Brasdiesel, Scania's services centre, entrusts ULMA with the drainage channels for its new headquarters.


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In addition to the wide range of services traditionally offered to Scania customers, Brasdiesel offers a multibrand service at its new headquarters while centralising maintenance in a single workshop. This new area covers more than 16,000 sqm in Caxias do Sul, RS.

The solution chosen for this project was the KOMPAQ200 CIVIL model, part of the compact KompaqDrain® range, the optimal choice for this zone, which is subjected to continuous heavy traffic. The channel and the grille form a single piece, thus ensuring greater rigidity and maximum security in high-transit areas. Furthermore, thanks to its polymer concrete material, the channel is corrosion-proof, long-lasting, resistant and suitable for all types of loads.

It also counts on the innovative MaxFlow system. Thanks to the curved design of the inlets, this system optimises collection and increases water entry speed and drainage capacity.

Location: Caxias del Sur, RS
Product installed: KompaqDrain KVF200.30R
Project: Rossi Arquitetura
Investor: Brasdiesel Comercial Importadora
Linear metres installed: 100 m
Country: Brasil
Products used: Compact channel KompaqDrain KVF200.30R