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ULMA Drainage Channels at Centro Asturiano Country Club in Cuautla, Mexico

ULMA's drainage system has been installed in the refurbishment of the facilities at Centro Asturiano club.


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This was originally a football club, set up to bring together people from Asturias in Mexico. Its first social activity was in 1919, and it today counts on multiple services and installations. Facilities now range from sports fields to a water park, with a restaurant service and hotel zone.

ULMA's drainage system has been installed as part of the refurbishment, to ensure rainwater runs off efficiently in the entrance to the complex. The F250K model was chosen, fitted with a ribbed cast iron grate, which is suitable for loads of up to class D400, in accordance with standard EN-1433.

The F channels system was specifically designed for areas with continuous traffic where the grates are subjected to significant axial stress, as is the case at the entrance to this popular centre.

ULMA channels are prefabricated in polymer concrete. Since they are prefabricated, they can be installed quickly and easily, bringing savings in work time and project costs. Moreover, the fact they are made from polymer concrete means they have all the advantages of this high-quality material, such as its high mechanical strength.
City: Cuautla
Country: México
Products used: F250K model channel, with a ribbed cast iron grate