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ULMA drainage channels at the new headquarters of Crédit Mutuel Bank in Nantes

Located at the southern entrance to Nantes, Credit Mutuel's new headquarters has chosen ULMA Architectural Solutions to meet its drainage needs.


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The Crédit Mutuel group, one of the leaders in the banking and insurance sector in France, is made up of the Crédit Mutuel network and its subsidiaries. Besides France, the bank is also present in Germany, Italy, Tunisia and Spain.

MultiV+ channels with single-slot grating
The MultiV+ channel range is an improved product range combining the advantages of the other ranges in a single system: the economy of the SELF system, the low heights of the MINI, the 8-point locking of the F, and the possibility of pre, cascaded and mixed slopes of the U and UK systems. It is also an optimal system for pedestrian areas and shopping areas, which is why they opted for the MULTIV+ 100 model to be installed outside the new headquarters of the Crédit Mutuel bank.

As regards the grating, we selected the single-slot grating suitable for load class D400, since this type of grating offered the best solution to the architects' aesthetic concerns. Single-slot gratings combine the benefits of linear drainage through polymer concrete channels and the way the surface grating blends in with the pavement. In short, the use of this type of gratings provides appreciable aesthetic improvements and perfectly conceals the rainwater collection system and does not affect the aesthetic design.

Rapidlock® locking system
Screws were not used to secure the channels during installation. We used the innovative Rapidlock® pressure locking system, which allows us to quickly and safely connect the grating to the body of the channel with little effort. With this 8-point locking system we achieve greater stability and distribution of forces along the whole grating and channel.

City: Nantes
Country: Francia
Area: Nantes
Products used: 123 ML of MultiV100 channel with single-slot grating