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ULMA Drainage System in Payueta, Álava

ULMA channels have been installed in the streets of Payueta – Pagoeta town.


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Payueta is one of the 6 towns which make up the municipality of Peñacerrada, in the province of Álava, where a complete drainage system has been installed as part of its redevelopment plan in order to ensure rainwater is run off effeciently.

The system was chosen following optimisation based on hydraulic calculations using OptimalDrain software, developed by ULMA. This system guarantees installation of the most suitable system (in terms of needs and costs) in line with the characteristics of the study area. In other words, this technology allows us to hydraulically study each project in order to precisely define the most suitable drainage system.

The model selected for this project was the system comprising F200K00R channel with D-400 cast-iron grate and multiple fastening with 8 points per metre, making it suitable for heavy-transit areas.

Overall, 65 metres have been installed in the streets of the town, set out in transverse lines.
Country: Spain
Products used: F200K00R channel with D-400 cast-iron grate.