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ULMA’s Drainage Channels used in the Cuautitlan – Buenavista Suburban Train line tracks, in Mexico S

Drainage channels manufactured by ULMA have been installed in the works carried out in a stretch of the suburban train line between Tlalnepantla Station and Buenavista


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As a result of strong rainstorms that flooded parts of the Suburban Train Line on several occasions with the ensuing interruption in the train service, improvement works were executed over a stretch of track this year. A completely new drainage system was constructed on the sides of the tracks, as part of these works, so that the rainwater could run off properly and to ensure that the track suffered no further damage and that the train service would remain regular and reliable.

The drainage system included ULMA’s prefabricated polymer concrete channels. These channels were used because of the high quality of the product and because they are easy to install. The material has greater compressive strength than traditional concrete and is not affected in any way by changes in temperature. In addition, as the channels are prefabricated, they take less time to install, which is an important factor in works of this nature, given that they can result in the interruption of important public services. The works were carried out in approximately 6 weeks, with working shifts of 4 to 5 hours.

900 lineal metres of the SU200 model channels were installed along the whole stretch, with cascade slopes and slotted galvanized steel gratings. A specific study executed for this project determined that these channels had the optimal hydraulic capacity for the specific needs of the works. As to the gratings, the most important factor was ensuring a firm hold, which was achieved thanks to having two locking bars per lineal metre.

This Train service was established between the Federal District and the State of Mexico in 2008, with a line starting at Cuautitlán built up to Buenavista. Thanks to this project, a new transport option was opened up to citizens living in these areas who needed to travel quickly and safely from Mexico State to the country’s Capital.
City: Mexico df
Country: México
Products used: ULMA polymer concrete channels