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For type of load: F-900
In accordance with STANDARD EN-1433
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  • F100K

Full LM consist of 1 polymer concrete linear drainage channel ULMA, to collect rainwater, type F100K20R, external width 154mm, internal width 100mm and overall height 310mm, with galvanized steel edges for lateral protection*. 2 Units of Ductil Iron Closed grating, type FC100FTFM, up to F-900 load class, according to EN-1433 Standard. Channel - grating locking system with 8 screws per LM .
* Also available with cast iron edges.

1. Selected channel

2. Selected grating

3. Download the documentation

Title Formats to download
Channel Drawing DWG PDF
Grating Drawing DWG PDF
Installation Manual for Asphalt Pavement DWG PDF
Installation Manual for Concrete Pavement DWG PDF
Sump Unit Drawing AF100 DWG PDF
Channel Technical Data Sheet PDF