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Restoration os 4 blocks of flats in 8 months and from the exterior


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4 blocks of flats were restored in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, specifically in Plaza de Fontsanta.

The project was a social promotion initiative by Cornellà Town Council, through PROCORNELLA (municipal social, urban and economic promotion company of Cornellà) with the aim of carrying out improvements in the area.

All 4 buildings had serious damp and condensation problems, so the 350 residents were looking for an improvement in the quality and comfort of their homes, and professional insulation.

The added value of ULMA in the project has proved to be essential:

1. Flexibility. Panel formats and colours have been adapted to the new look that was required for the buildings.
2. Comprehensive solution. The different construction stages of the project and the different professionals involved have been coordinated.
3. Fast supply. The materials with customised formats have been supplied in record time.
4. Fast execution. We have to highlight that this sizeable renovation work took just 8 months. 1750 m2 /month on average, which is quite an achievement. 

Furthermore, one of the aims of the project was to carry out all the work from the outside, in order to avoid any actions inside the homes, which were occupied throughout the entire construction process. This was a key point that made it very convenient for the residents.

The metal external wall had to be built from the outside, so cooperation when defining the different stages between the ventilated facade and the aluminium work was vital. The latter had to adapt to other determining factors, such as those inherent to renovation, the execution period and the different construction stages.

As well as ULMA's added value, the actual Ventilated Facade system is considered to be the most effective solution for the insulation of a building, as it eliminates thermal bridges and condensation problems, and achieves excellent thermal-hygrometric performance in the building.

The chimney effect it creates makes the air flow between the air chamber between the panel and the building wall, and helps to prevent heat from accumulating, while eliminating dampness caused by rain or condensation.

The most important advantages of this restoration system:
The look of the building is renovated. A wide range of shapes, colours and textures are available, which provides a renovated look.
• The value of the building increases and will be higher than the price of the construction work.
• It saves energy: Lower heating and air conditioning costs Energy consumption is reduced by up to 30.
• We offer a comprehensive service from the actual manufacturing of the materials to the installation on site, we are in charge of each project that we carry out, and offer a comprehensive turnkey service, which reduces costs and execution times.


Development Company: Procornellà
Ventilated Facade Surface: 13,929 m2
Construction Company: UTE FAÇANES FONTSANTA
Architect: J.A Marín Sánchez
Execution time: 8 months