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Olerdola project with the architect Gustau Gili


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There is nothing better to define the possibilities of our products than to show examples of actual projects where the teamwork between ULMA and the project designers results in buildings with great personality.
Our Engineering Department, supported by the necessary technology, works to obtain the products that best suit the artistic proposals of our clients.  Active Artistic Creation.


Educational institution located in the Alt Penedés region, surrounded by vineyards.

The ULMA Architectural Solutions project team in collaboration with the architect, Gustau Gili, developed a panel with customized colour and texture.

1. COLOUR. To obtain the colour resembling the appearance of the vineyard, vine leaves were collected from the fields and sent to the factory to achieve the exact shade.   
2. DESIGN. As for the design of the texture, this was based on a sketch made by the architect, and was given relief and depth to achieve the desired texture. 
GUSTAU GILI. “The willingness to customize, the technical assistance and the collaboration with the ULMA team in the project were essential in developing the final product”