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New ranges of ULMA´s Ventilated Facades


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We have just published the new version of  ULMA´s Ventilated Facades website, coinciding with the launch of the 3 new ranges: Creaktive, Easy and Vanguard.

Our motivation to provide architects with different and suitable possibilities for their Project, has led us to develop these new proposals.

CREAKTIVE, Infinite customization possibilities: the range of expression and imagination for architects. Where the possibilities of design and creativity are very broad, to achieve unique, customized projects.

VANGUARD,: Adaptability and flexibility. This range puts forward a solution which can be adapted to each project, enabling customized panel cutting and flexible formats. Adaptability, flexibility and quality assurance are the keys which define our most vanguard range. Available in 3 textures and in more than 40 colours, monochromes and polychromes.

EASY, Simplicity and Economy: this is our simplest, most versatile and competitive range in which the panels are less thick, with standard panel formats and the securing system is simple, involving a visible clip.

You can have a look at the differences between the ranges in further detail in our website section Compare our ranges. Don't miss out on the Project Browser either where you can carry out search filters by project types, location, textures etc… or see what your project will look like by playing with the Façade Configurator.