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ULMA’s solution complied with the technical requirements and offered a technologically suitable material.


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The Green Ray building belongs to Andalusia Technology Park, with headquarters at the University of Malaga campus. It is a business incubator, with a programme consisting of offices of different sizes, with a technological focus, for new entrepreneurs as well as already consolidated companies.
The ventilated facade is an exterior cladding system for the walls of a building, leaving a ventilated chamber between the cladding and the insulation. It is the most effective system to improve a building's insulation, eliminating undesirable thermal bridges, as well as condensation problems. For this and other reasons, the architects responsible for the project, Rafael Martín and Isabel Cámara, opted for this system from the start “for the cladding of the apse body, as the most efficient system to comply with thermal insulation requirements”.
Regarding the building's aesthetics, the finishes chosen for this project were earth texture panels in cream-mocha colour. This texture gives the natural appearance of land tilled and stone carved by the course of time, just what the project required; “We were looking for a material resembling stone, which would give a feeling of solidity in contrast to the bodies of the premises, made of sheet metal and glass, which aimed to transmit lightness. We chose polymer concrete cladding with a slate finish, to achieve the effect we were looking for”.
According to the architects, Rafael Martín and Isabel Cámara, ULMA Architectural Solutions was chosen for this project because “after carrying out a market study to analyse different possibilities, ULMA Architectural Solutions complied with the technical requirements, in addition to offering a technologically suitable material”. The architects are very satisfied with the end result, defining the facade as “an impeccable facade that meets the desired image and the technical requirements of durability, inalterability and adaptation to the execution of the ventilated facade”. 

City: Málaga
Country: España
Architect/s: Rafael Martín Delgado e Isabel Cámara Guezala
Project type: New Construction