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ULMA Architectural Solutions has just premiered its new You Tube channel which can be accessed directly from its website.


For any further information you may require, please contact us.

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The channel is divided into 5 distribution lists:

One corporate and another for each of its solutions:  

·         Ventilated Facades
·         Drainage Channels
·         Architectural Precast Elements (windowsills, copings..)
·         External Wall System.

Here we can find different kind of videos, starting from the actual Restoration process of a 14,000 m2 works, following  the steps needed to be followed to assemble ULMA’s  Ventilated Facade or the advantages of a channel with a 2.5% slope incorporated.
 There are also videos about the decision regarding the change in the company's trading name as well as the best projects carried out by the different lines.
This channel seeks to keep ULMA customers informed about what's new and projects and it is hoped it will serve as a good tool to help boost the Brand's digital strategy.