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KOMPAQDRAIN®, the new range of drainage channels with MAX FLOW® system


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ULMA has developed a new catalogue to launch the KOMPAQDRAIN® range of compact drainage channels. It is a new polymer concrete one-piece channel, specifically designed for areas with high traffic density.

The main advantage of the KOMPAQDRAIN® range is its innovative MAX FLOW® system, which, thanks to the original curved design of the inlets, increases the channel's drainage capacity and water speed. 

In this new catalogue you will find 3 KOMPAQDRAIN® models:

KOMPAQDRAIN® TRAFFIC:  Designed for load class D400, it is ideal for shopping areas, car parks and urban environments. 

KOMPAQDRAIN® INDUSTRY: Characterised by smaller holes and a smooth surface to prevent vibrations from passing forklifts. Designed for load classes up to E600, it is the perfect solution for industrial areas.

KOMPAQDRAIN® CIVIL: Suitable up to load class F900, specifically designed for areas with heavy traffic and perfect for motorways, airports, service stations or other applications with high traffic density.

Download the new KOMPAQDRAIN® CATALOGUE and if you would like to receive the printed version, write to us here.