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Coping Model MB Curved

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  • Polymer concrete Copings
  • Polymer concrete Copings

They are made according to the standard measurements seen in the attached table with water evacuation from interior and exterior. The parts base has gravel and anchorages for proper installation. (see Installation Instructions)

*NOTE: Ask for availability.

1. Select a Product

Option 1 MB12RE* 12cm. 17cm. 130cm.
Option 2 MB12RI* 12cm. 17cm. 130cm.
Option 3 MB14RE* 14cm. 19cm. 130cm.
Option 4 MB14RI* 14cm. 19cm. 130cm.
Option 5 MB17RE* 17cm. 22cm. 130cm.
Option 6 MB17RI* 17cm. 22cm. 130cm.
Option 7 MB19RE* 19cm. 24cm. 130cm.
Option 8 MB19RI* 19cm. 24cm. 130cm.
Option 9 MB22RE* 22cm. 27cm. 130cm.
Option 10 MB22RI* 22cm. 27cm. 130cm.
Option 11 MB25RE* 25cm. 30cm. 130cm.
Option 12 MB25RI* 25cm. 30cm. 130cm.
Option 13 MB30RE* 30cm. 35cm. 130cm.
Option 14 MB30RI* 30cm. 35cm. 130cm.
Option 15 MB35RE* 35cm. 40cm. 100cm.
Option 16 MB35RI* 35cm. 40cm. 100cm.
Option 17 MB40RE* 40cm. 45cm. 100cm.
Option 18 MB40RI* 40cm. 45cm. 100cm.

2. Download the documentation

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Technical data sheet PDF