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Polymer concrete in facade and precast products used in the Janeiro & Fonseca project in Coimbra


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The residential Janeiro & Fonseca project has been executed in the magnificent city of Coimbra, bathed by the waters of the Mondego river and home to the first University in Portugal, one of the oldest in Europe.
This is a building of high-quality spacious apartments in which the predominant material used is polymer concrete. The project was implemented using the ULMA Ventilated Facade System and all the precast parts are made of the same material. The products installed were: windowsills, jambs, copings and baseboards.

The designing architect assigned to the project, Valter Gama, explains some of the details of the undertaking in the following interview:

1. What, specifically, were you looking for? How did the project develop?

The aim was to use the ventilated facade construction system, which would enable us to optimise the thermal protection of the building. Furthermore, another advantage we were interested in was that the ventilated facade system protects the walls from the direct impact of the rain, due to the fact the material is applied with a self-supporting structure, placed away from the walls.

3. Why did you decide to use polymer concrete?

Due to its technical characteristics, as it is a product with an almost zero absorption rate, high mechanical strength and it comes in different colours and textures.

4. Which of its properties do you find most interesting?

Those I have just mentioned, with the advantage that you can use the same material for infillings, such as baseboards, copings, jambs, lintels, which will guarantee the uniformity of the coating and ensures the desired architectural design is not distorted.

5 Was your experience with ULMA a positive one? 

Yes, above all ULMA´s technical monitoring of the project was excellent, particularly when it became necessary to clarify situations in relation to infillings or transition in order to determine how it could and should be done. All this contributes to the peace of mind of the architect when he is designing, as he feels no mistakes will be made with regard to the details of the project, with clear benefits for the development of the works.

City: Coimbra
Country: Portugal
Architect/s: Valter Gama
Products used: ULMA Ventilated Facade System and windowsills, jambs, copings and baseboards.
Project type: New Construction