New compact channel KOMPAQDRAIN® with Max Flow® system

A novel compact channel made of polymer concrete, suitable up to load class F900, according to standard EN-1433. Specifically designed for areas with high traffic density by ULMA Architectural Solutions, specialists in drainage systems.

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Advantages ofKOMPAQDRAIN®


Channel and grating form a single piece, ensuring greater rigidity. Ideal for areas that require maximum security.

Long-lasting and resistant

Made of polymer concrete, corrosion resistant material, offering high durability and great resistance. Suitable for all types of loads.


Its avant-garde design with V-section prevents the accumulation of waste, ensuring an effective self-cleaning effect.

Quick installation

Its compact size make it quick and easy to install, significantly reducing the associated costs and its maintenance.

Max Flow® system

The original curved design of the inlets, together with the non-slip surface and water router, achieve the novel Max Flow® effect, increasing the water speed and the drainage capacity. And the progressive widening of the orifices helps the waste pass through more easily. This makes KOMPAQDRAIN® unique on the market.

Maximum security

Motorways, airports, service stations and other intense traffic areas require high drainage and maximum security, requirements to which KOMPAQDRAIN® responds.

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