New Cladding for ventilated facades Stoneo

New Cladding for ventilated facades Stoneo

Let’s contextualize.

A weekend getaway with friends is not the same as going jogging or getting ready for a date with a new partner.

Every occasion is different, and you prepare for each one differently.

Well, it is the same with buildings.

When you sit down to define and develop a project, it is essential to have your client’s needs clear in your mind. Things change depending on whether the client is the developer of a hotel on the coast, of a refurbishment project in a historic town center or of a modernist museum.

In the words of our client Mafalda Riveiro (International Doctorate Degree in architecture and sole author of over 33,000 m2 of finished work), each project is unique. Firstly, because of the kind of building and, second, due to the setting. It is a bespoke commission involving a long process of researching materials, building and structural solutions, finishes, lighting etc.

Cladding for Stoneo ventilated facades

If we focus on finishes, we are fully aware that architects need a wide, versatile and interesting palette to work with.

Stoneo can be of great help thanks to our wide range of natural, dynamic or customized finishes. This makes project design easier and helps to provide the desired look, whether this be modern and contemporary, or a more natural, stone appearance. 

Stoneo boasts 4 main textures and finishes for creating unique projects:

  1. STONEO PURE: this is the most natural, stone range. It is a collection of the most organic shades and colors. From light, cream and sandy to dark, gray shades.
  2. STONEO LOOK: this is our most dynamic range. The one to choose to create vibrant, organic facades thanks to the light and shades effects it is able to project.
  3. STONEO ART: if it is creative freedom you are after, ART enables personalization with the creation of textures that bubble in the architect’s mind and that are born from their inspiration. 
  4. STONEO FEEL: a smooth surface that provides a seamless, uniform finish.

Some of the textures and finishes might be just right for your project.

But if you don’t see them with your own eyes, you won’t know.

STONEO, the evolution of stone.

Natural - Sustainable - Non-flammable - Non-porous - Long-lasting - Tough - Beautiful

Choose a natural, sustainable and avant-garde skin for your building.

If you would like to know more about, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier