Stoneo facade cladding: success stories

What do the Museum of Image in Rio de Janeiro, the Fazer headquarters in Finland or the Estronci Tower in Barcelona have in common?
Stoneo facade cladding: success stories

What do the Museum of Image in Rio de Janeiro, the Fazer headquarters in Finland or the Estronci Tower in Barcelona have in common?

The architects Chris Andreacola, Mikko Summannen and Fernando Tortajada, among others, tell us their experiences and opinions of Stoneo, the new cladding for ventilated facades: Success stories.

That’s right. What these projects have in common is their skin. The cladding chosen to provide personality, to accommodate the creativity of their authors and allow the project to become a reality.

Before moving on to the details, allow me to contextualize.

Remember the last trip you went on. It’s a safe bet that if it was your first time there, you did some research and made inquiries about it.

You found information about the best museums, restaurants and not-to-be-missed hidden treasures in your latest destination.

It’s obvious that, in general, we like to know beforehand the opinions or experiences of people that have already visited a place or have tested a product.

Consequently, forums of all kinds are the most commonly visited pages for comparing contents before making any purchase, trip, etc.

This is so because we like to hear objective opinions based on other people's experiences.

They provide credibility and give us trust.

For this reason, we have gathered brief reviews from some of the architects that have designed buildings with ULMA’s Stoneo facade cladding.

Stoneo facade cladding success stories.

Chris Andreacola from the studio Diller Scofidio + Renfro (NY-USA) and Índio da Costa AUDT (Brazil)

 The capacity for customization of Stoneo facade cladding is amazing. Thanks to its range of textures and colors. Consisting of over 100,000 panels, we have created a kinetic facade that reveals the face of Carmen Miranda. The result is an accurate depiction that has surpassed our expectations. It is a great work of architecture” 

Museum of Image and Sound in Rio de Janeiro (west facade).

Miko Summammen K2S Architects studio (Finland)

 “The idea of the 3D texture elaborated with Stoneo is a reminder of the wafer of this manufacturer’s famous chocolates, an abstract pattern without reproducing any specific shape. I really appreciate, on the one hand, Stoneo’s versatility and on the other that the ULMA team understood our requests to achieve this unique texture. The final outcome was very accurate and in line with our expectations.”

Main headquarters of Fazer, Finland.

Aesthetic appeal, durability and customization: the definition of Stoneo

Fernando Tortajada: architect and director general of TR Grupo Inmobiliario-Barcelona

 “The main features of Stoneo facade cladding are its aesthetic appeal and because it provides durability and an enduring impact. It is a tough material that offers good finishes thanks to a wide range of textures and colors. This makes designing the projects much easier and helps us to give a modern, avant-garde appearance.”

Torre Estronci 99. 55 sustainable homes in Barcelona.

Stoneo gives the facade a natural, contemporary and cosmopolitan touch.

We have another selection of 18 reviews from architects sharing their experiences with this tough, long-lasting and versatile cladding for ventilated facades.

Some of these projects may inspire you, but you have to see them for yourself.

STONEO, the evolution of stone.

Natural - Sustainable - Non-flammable - Non-porous - Long-lasting - Tough - Beautiful

Choose a natural, sustainable and avant-garde skin for your building.

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier