What is the evolution of stone?

Building envelopes are elements that last. They are a showcase for their authors and give buildings personality.
What is the evolution of stone?

What is the evolution of stone?

Project designers spend a long time defining the ideal material according to their original idea and the setting.

In the words of the renowned architect Le Corbusier:

       “Architecture is the play of masses brought together in light.”

The lines of the facade create architecture, and in turn, the skin of the building. The characteristics of that skin will condition that bringing together of light and shape. The nature of that skin is what we want to tell you about.

At ULMA, we have a new cladding for facade systems. A natural, sustainable and avant-garde skin; an envelope that represents the evolution of stone.

We present you . ....... STONEO

A more evolved and improved product compared with our earlier range and whose name implies a close relationship - a coherent rationale - that is the combination of two concepts:

Stone + Neo = Stone + New

This is a new product for indoor and outdoor cladding that manages to convey the sensation of the grandeur of stone, from which it is derived. It is a cladding with the character, shades and natural textures provided by stone. As well as sharing its beauty and durability, it conveys its grandeur and exclusivity.

A natural, sustainable and avant-garde skin; an envelope that represents the evolution of stone.


Composed mainly of natural aggregates, we have achieved a sustainable product that has undergone strict quality control testing.

We are aligned with the environment, committed to natural and recyclable materials. A rigorous selection procedure ensures our suppliers are environmentally-friendly and we choose local partner companies to help to limit emissions.


Our commitment to sustainability is also linked with the durability of our materials.

The longer a product lasts, the more sustainable it is, as fewer resources are used to produce a new one.

Durability is also synonymous to quality. In this way, we promote sustainable construction.

Yes. We are one of those companies that pays attention to details and always looks to improve our impact on the world. 


The safety of the occupants of our buildings is paramount. In addition, having a facade cladding that makes them more resistant to fire is a key point to take into account.

One of the main advantages of our material is that it is nonflammable. Its classification for resistance and reaction to fire according to the standards EN 13501-2 (2010) and EN 13501-1 (2010) is A2-s1, d0.

Moreover, it is a non-porous material with near zero water absorption (0.1%), which guarantees complete watertightness and excellent behavior against atmospheric changes: frost-thaw, wind and rain.

Opt for a product with all the safety guarantees.


You will find different ranges to choose from:

The finest range, which most resembles stone, is PURE. It is a collection of the most organic finishes and colors. This fosters the integration of buildings in natural surroundings. The tones range from light, cream and sandy to dark, gray ones. PURE is the natural appearance of stone carved over the course of time.

PURE is the natural appearance of stone carved over the course of time.

LOOK is our most dynamic range. It is used to create vibrant, organic facades thanks to the light and shades effects it projects. Facades that change and come to life with the position of the sun and the different seasons of the year. Options with endless dynamic effects and shades of color.

But if it is creative freedom, you are after, the versatility of STONEO allows for surfaces to be customized with the creation of textures that bubble in the architect’s mind, and that are born from their inspiration. This inspiration is the ART range.

STONEO provides the skin of buildings with a natural, contemporary and cosmopolitan touch. 

sustainable high-quality material, not only thanks to its strength and durability, but also its beauty.

STONEO, the evolution of stone.

Natural - Sustainable - Non-flammable - Non-porous - Long-lasting - Tough - Beautiful

Choose a natural, sustainable and avant-garde skin for your building.

If you would like to know more about, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier