New concealed grating models

H70 side single-slot grating and H25 low-profile single-slot grating
New concealed grating models

You are undoubtedly already aware of our single-slot grating, architects’ preferred solution for installing discreet drainage with compromising hydraulic capacity.

One of the advantages of our concealed drainage range is the different grating options available. The grating may be single-slot, double-slot for better hydraulic efficiency, or side-slot for installation in areas near to walls.

However, what you are perhaps not aware of is that we have increased our range to include two new grating products for a width of 100:

  • H70 side single-slot grating.

  • Low-profile special H25 single-slot grating for areas with height limitations, such as floors, roofs and terraces.

If you would like more information about our new single-slot grating models, contact us using this form.

Low-profile H25 single-slot grating

It is now possible to incorporate this type of grating into more projects, particularly if the floor is very low, as is the case with terraces. H25 single-slot grating is 25 mm tall. 

Look at this photo of a beautiful swimming pool in Lake Garda:

It is a perfect example of an application where a low-profile stainless steel slotted channel is the perfect solution.

Because yes, it is also available in stainless steel.

This product is suitable for the A-15 load class, as per the EN-1433 standard.

It is easy and simple to maintain as it has inspection chambers adapted to its height.


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