Technical advice: We help you choose the best drainage system optimised in cost and drainage capacity

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We are sure that you spend many hours defining your project, driven to choose the best solution to optimize your costs on site and to install the ideal drainage system.

At the same time, you want to ensure that the chosen product does not present problems later on. Because we all know, that errors are a nuisance that you want to avoid at all costs, but how can you do it?

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Slot drainage

Aesthetics and hydraulic capacity

The SLOT DRAINAGE is part of an integral system, consisting of a discrete slot, a channel body and a sump unit for optimal maintenance of the drainage system. It is an inverted “T” or “L” shaped grating model, that stands out mainly for its aesthetics, since it integrates perfectly in the pavement (either concrete, paving stone or tiles), totally blending in with the urban landscape.

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Kompaqdrain compact channel with Max Flow system

High drainage capacity and maximum safety.

Specifically designed for areas with high traffic density, this new compact channel manufactured in polymer concrete is even suitable for F900 load class, according to standard EN-1443. Motorways, airports, service stations and other intense traffic areas require high drainage and maximum safety requirements to which KOMPAQDRAIN® responds with a combination of features that make it unique on the market.

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Channel with 2.5% slope

Higher hydraulic capacity with sloping channels

These channels with built-in slope are the only ones on the market with a real slope of 2.5% which, thanks to their marked slope, provide greater hydraulic capacity, and resolve the slope limitations found in some places like airports.

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Hydraulic calculation

We study each project to guarantee the best solution

To ensure drainage systems with optimal evacuation capacity and cost, ULMA Architectural Solutions has developed a multi-platform software solution offering the possibility of performing a hydraulic study for each project and precisely defining the most suitable channel.

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Our material, polymer concrete

It is ideal for the evacuation of fluids

The polymeric nature of this material allows smooth surfaces with very low friction on prefabricated elements, thereby facilitating the rapid run-off of fluids and also offering a water absorption index which is virtually non-existent, compared with 5-10% with traditional concrete.

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Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality is one of our most important values. We proactively promote quality and innovation as the only guarantee for the future. As strategic factors that are backed by our team's commitment.

All the improvement and adaptation procedures carried out demonstrate the involvement of partners and workers of ULMA Architectural Solutions for continuous improvement in the development of its business activity.

We hold ISO 9001 certification.

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Save time and money with the guarantee of our technical department.

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