ULMA Rapidlock®, the new locking system

ULMA Rapidlock®, the new locking system

ULMA  presents the innovative Locking system Rapidlock® .

The fast and boltless ULMA Rapidlock fastening system makes possible to connect the grating to the channel body quickly, safely and practically effortlessly

Advantages ULMA RapidLock®

  • One-second fastening
  • Tool-free installation
  • Save on labour costs
  • Easy maintenance

Mechanical Stability, with 8 fastening points.

Its 8-point fastening system provides higher stability and stress distribution throughout the grating and the channel.

Multiple fastening options

Rapidlock® and screw-fastened systems can be replaced and combined:

  • Even with already installed channels.
  • No need to replace the grating.
  • By simply replacing the fastening components.

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