Hydraulic calculation

We study each project to guarantee the best solution

To ensure drainage systems with optimal evacuation capacity and cost, ULMA Architectural Solutions has developed a multi-platform software solution offering the possibility of performing a hydraulic study for each project and precisely defining the most suitable channel.

  • Simplicity

    It only requires a few project parameters, such as line lengths, catchment areas, slopes and run-off coefficients of each surface, to accurately reflect the current situation and the subsequent study.

  • Precision

    To calculate the water's behaviour in the trench drain a mathematical model is used that takes the Spatially Varied Flow with Increasing Flow for Open Channels as the base, which describes the water's behaviour more accurately than other commonly used models and formulas.

  • Multiple Functionalities

    You can enter different rainfall data for any geographic area worldwide, calculate different trench drain lines in the same project and find the right channel among hundreds of references in ULMA's extensive catalogue, based on their Heights, Widths, Sections, Load Classes or other characteristics.

  • Cost Reduction

    The software optimises the cost of trench drain lines by selecting the most appropriate channel for the application, the exact location of intermediate outlets or the exact distribution of trench drain s in cascaded slope.

  • Detailed Report

    As a result we obtain a report with references and dimensions of the necessary trench drains , sheet of water, filling percentages, water flows and speeds in each of the project lines. All the necessary data for the validation of the drainage system.