For better, for worse

If you are a football fan, you will know the relationship you have with your team is like marriage: you support them through the good times and the bad. 

Goals, great saves, free kicks... These will always make you jump out of your seat when watching your team play, because football is a passion; it’s an identity, full of sharing and unity. Any Gipuzkoan worth their salt wants to support a team that always has and always will be one of the greats: SD Eibar. 

Ipurua is symbolic for all Eibar fans, and throughout the team’s history, it has evolved to become a first-class stadium. 

At ULMA, we had the pleasure of participating in the transformation process by installing our drainage systems at its facilities. 

ULMA drainage system for Ipurua football pitch

The trench-drains of the Sport range designed with sports facilities in mind. Specifically designed rounded edge provides a better grip between the artificial turf and the trench-drain, ensuring a better fit. For this, we supplied 230 linear metres of SU200 trench-drains. 

The trench-drains installed there had to be suitable for road traffic as maintenance vehicles continuously drive over the drainage systems in the Ipurua service area,. To meet this requirement, we provided MultiV+200 technical trench-drains made of polymer concrete with a load class of up to D400. 

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Team training ground: Atxabalpe

As well as the Ipurua Stadium, SD Eibar also uses Atxabalpe, a nearby football field, for training. This space required trench-drains with gratings that could withstand loads of up to C250, ULMA installed 210 linear metres of MultiV+ trench-drains with galvanised grating and a stud-resistant design. 

We’d like to show all our support to this great team that battled against giants for seven years, and we know they’ll soon do it again with the same momentum, respect and humility that characterises them. 

Now they're in the second division, they need our support more than ever. So, for better, for worse… Aupa Eibar! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!

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