Barajas Airport in Madrid with ULMA drainage solutions

Airports are environments where drainage solutions are needed with very specific requirements.

In its tracks, the largest surfaces to be drained are combined, the traffic with the highest axle and wheel loads that can be given, with great axial efforts in maneuvers and braking, and the highest requirements in terms of safety.

With our wide range of drainage solutions we are able to respond to these needs up to load class F900, as well as those needed in other areas within the complex, such as vehicle parking areas.

We have intervened in different extentions in this project.

1st extention (3rd track and platform ) F300k-F200k-F150k in different heights have been installed with slotted or solid grating up to F-900 load class. 28.000 ml installed 

2nd extention (2 new tracks, satelite building and new terminal 4) F300 – F200 – F150 in different heights have been installed. (installed meters. 57.000 ml). Also sump units , 1.000 Units. and  100.000 ml beaconing system. 8.000 Units of cable ducting systems.

Other channel models have been installed for different areas, such as parkings, with gratings up to load class C250; areas for fuel deposits with load class up to D400 and F900; and so on.

CHANNEL F150K, F200K, F300K + Slotted ductil iron grating, SUMP UNITS and Beaconing systemE

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