Finestrelles Shopping Centre: a different shopping centre

Two drainage systems for the same space
Finestrelles Shopping Centre: a different shopping centre

Have you ever visited a shopping centre on one of your trips abroad?

Shopping centres are spaces that house different retail outlets and where you can find anything, from sunglasses to washing machines. 

I remember a shopping centre in Thailand with a huge outdoor space and a fish tank in the middle of the garden full of fish (not particularly friendly-looking) looking at me while I ate my pad Thai… What I am getting at is that being spaces designed for consumption, distribution or design is what makes them unique. 

A good example of this is the “Finestrelles Shopping Centre” located in the province of Barcelona. A shopping centre with a novel concept of open areas to achieve more public space inside the building, these spaces give a climate of freshness to the centre which, with the summer heat in Esplugues, is very welcoming…

What happens when it rains?

Well, it is very important that the drainage system is the right one and adapted to each area. 

So how did ULMA address this?

When considering the drainage of water in spaces with different needs, aspects such as the height of the channel and the grating material had were key aspects to consider.  We chose DOMO and MultiV+ channels as the options that best suited each space.  

DOMO channels: when size does matter…

The model chosen for the interior mezzanine areas was the DOMO polymer concrete drainage channel system. Its low height of only 80 mm and the possibility of combining it with a ribbed design stainless steel grating were the reasons for this choice. 

In the case of the drainage of the ground floor of the shopping centre and access streets to the store, the low-height model DOMO was also used, but with the slotted design grating. To minimise the visual impact of conventional grating, it has a design that architecturally stands out for its simplicity and aesthetics because the drainage is hidden. Look at the photographs that accompany this article to see if you can find it… 

MultiV+ system: more capacity in extreme flows

If you would like to know more about this or other drainage systems, please contact us

Finally, the MultiV+ system has been installed both inside and outside the shopping centre. This system, with its optimised V-section and self-cleaning effect, provides a larger hydraulic section and the possibility of combining it with cast iron gratings for loads up to D400. 

In total, more than 4500 ML of DOMO low-profile channels and MultiV+ technical channels have been installed.

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