Our commitment to Equality

We present the UAS Equality Plan for 2020
Our commitment to Equality

Women's participation in the world of work has evolved positively in recent years. They have diversified their career opportunities in different sectors and have moved up the organizational ladder.

 However, the figures show that in order to access different tasks or positions of responsibility, they still encounter many barriers.

At UAS we want to continue working to advance and improve day by day to achieve real equality. This is our commitment.

That is why we have launched an Equality Plan, as a tool for reflection, to discover the reality in our organization and to identify possible gaps.

We want it to help us set objectives and monitor compliance with the actions that are defined.

We have approved the UAS Equality Plan for the period 2020-2023.

And these are the objectives that have been set for 2020:

  1.  To structure the equality committee, including policies and actions within our management system.
  2. To communicate the main conclusions of the equality plan to the group.
  3. To carry out a continuous training and awareness plan, for those who make up the equality committee as well as for heads of departments or middle management, and those who make up the harassment committee.
  4. To define the disaggregated data that we will monitor by gender, for example: 
  • Recruitment
  • Levels and types of positions
  • Decision-making bodies
  • Internal promotions
  • People who request conciliation.

      e. To reflect the commitment to gender equality at UAS in the cooperative's communication media.

 The aim is to continue working so that day by day equality becomes a reality that we do not have to focus on. To do this, we need the awareness and commitment of everyone, at company level as well as in society.  Between us all, I am sure that we can achieve this.