Our Values

We are proud of the ULMA project in which we have defined values and behaviour that give our project meaning, as well as serving as a guide and path towards our shared future. People are our main asset. Therefore, we encourage motivating work environments that promote participation and the generation of new ideas through our Continuous Improvement system.


We are sincere, honest and upright, taking into account the different realities.


Our organisation is motivated and passionate about taking this socio-business project forward.

We are people

Closeness and respect are the basis of our relationship. Support and mutual trust, empathy, teamwork and the active search for satisfaction and the common good are our goal

Experiencing the client

We know and listen to our customers' voice, we attend to and anticipate their needs with a high level of professionalism, quality, efficiency and innovation.

Continuous improvement and innovation

Spirit of self-improvement and adaptation to changes, with initiative and desire to learn and innovate looking to improve in a changing environment, in order to be competitive.


Our strength lies in being committed to the ULMA project, to our colleagues and to the environment. We feel that we are part of this cooperative and that "it is ours".

What gives meaning to your life?

This video has been shot with the collaboration of our partners, with the aim of showing our more human side. Our colleagues show us what their passions are in their personal lives and also moments of their working life. Because the ULMA project is made up of people and as such we have hobbies and passions that complete us as workers and people, giving a balance to our life.