Have the renovations carried out on your facade been unsuccessful?

That is because you have not addressed the problem comprehensively: this refurbishment in Valencia is a clear example
Have the renovations carried out on your facade been unsuccessful?

On this facade on Avenida Blasco Ibañez in Valencia, the residents carried out several renovations before they found the definitive solution: refurbishing with an ULMA ventilated facade. We tell you how.

The problem: detachments

The facade of this apartment building was suffering from a serious problem that was endangering both passers-by in the area and the residents themselves.

The natural stone panels of the original facade were becoming detached.

To try to solve this, the community of owners carried out several renovations, focusing on attaching the existing natural stone to the facade. None of the solutions that they tried was successful. As a safety measure, they had to install a protective roof around the entire perimeter of the building.

In buildings, the facade is the architectural element that suffers the most. Therefore, when problems arise, it is essential to act quickly and decisively.

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The solution: ULMA ventilated facade

Finally, the residents decided to hire an architect, who advised them that the best possible solution to their problem was to restore the entire building with a ventilated facade.

This will mean they can forget partial renovations as the comprehensive solution of a ventilated facade will solve the problem definitively. 

Renovation maintaining the building's original appearance

Another of the priorities, in addition to public safety, was that the building had to maintain its original appearance in order to continue to be integrated in the urban environment in which it is located.

It was on this point that our material, engineered stone, was the decisive factor.

This material makes it possible to create almost any texture. In our range, we have a stone texture that is remarkably similar to natural stone; this is the Slate-Earth texture.

This texture combined with the suitable colour, P05, made it possible to maintain the original appearance required by the residents' association.

We have achieved a facade that maintains the original appearance, which is also safe and long-lasting, and gives unbeatable results against corrosion or pollution damage.

In addition, this construction system can reduce energy demand by up to 30%, thus contributing to energy savings.


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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier