Technical workshop on drainage at the Morph Estudio architecture

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Technical workshop on drainage at the Morph Estudio architecture

I’m going to tell you something that happened to me the other day, which serves to illustrate an important point that can help you in your day-to-day work if you’re a designer or if you install drainage solutions on your building sites.

First the anecdote.

Then the important point.

Well, as I studied humanities and I can't bear spreadsheets, I spent last week battling away with an Excel file for an order. 

And when I’d spent 15 minutes on a very manual process I was unable to solve automatically, I had a light-bulb moment and thought, “my colleague in accounts will be able to sort this out in a flash”.

So I went to the accounting manager, who lives surrounded by numbers and spreadsheets, to ask for help. I told him what I wanted and in less than eight seconds he created a formula that was applied to the whole Excel file.


He had saved me two hours of fierce battle with the just eight seconds.

And what’s my point here?

That there’s nothing like asking a PROFESSIONAL for help.

An expert who specifically focuses on that area daily.

At ULMA we’re drainage professionals, and specialists in advising engineers and architects on the optimum solution to prescribe for their projects.

And at Morph Estudio they’re well aware of this, and that’s why they called us to hold a Technical Workshop on drainage solutions for their team of architects.

Morph Estudio has a team of more than 100 technical experts led by the architects César Frías Enciso and Miguel Pradillo Cendón, with extensive experience in the development of built-to-order residential buildings.

If you’re interested in our engineering team running a Technical Workshop in your studio or workplace, please contact us here. 

So they organised a webinar, which was attended by 44 architects interested in learning about our drainage solutions. 

And our engineers gave a talk lasting an hour and a half and answered all their questions.

Our project engineering team is engaged in hydraulic calculations every day. Surely you can do hydraulic calculations perfectly well too, and you can choose an optimal drainage solution.

But never forget that experience is a qualification of its own. 

It’s like trying to be a better cook than your grandma who’s been cooking all her life – you’re bound to fail. My steak and kidney pie is never as tasty as hers.

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