A look at the history of France

A look at the history of France

Have you ever been to Alençon? A stroll around this beautiful town in northern France is a great way to rediscover the country’s history. 

The town linked to Henry IV and Marguerite de Navarre, among other historical figures, who are protagonists of “Queen Margot”, the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas.

The Château of the Dukes, Corn Exchange, town centre and its many other monuments make Alençon a must-see if you are ever in this part of the country. 

You will also be in for another surprise: its rich historical heritage does not stop the town from looking to the future.

Thus, to bring the town centre in line with real needs, Alençon Council consulted its citizens on the forthcoming plan for major works.

For months, citizens’ councils were held, designed to allow residents and business owners to exercise their right to participate, and a plan was devised, which was agreed by all stakeholders.

Works in a historic town centre

Both citizens and business owners understood and accepted the constraints and challenges of carrying out works in the historic centre.

Aware of what was at stake, the professionals involved in the different phases of the project made every effort to meet deadlines and minimise disruption. ULMA was one of these suppliers. Indeed, improving drainage systems is usually one of the key steps in quality urban renovations.

It is in this highly specialised field that ULMA’s teams and partners applied their expertise, aiming to implement a rainwater drainage system that was safe, efficient and as discreet as possible, to avoid altering the aesthetics of the town.

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Concealed drainage: absolute discretion

The Alencon project required 650 linear metres of MULTIV 100 and 200 trench-drains with 18mm grating. Slot drainage is supported in the trench-drain then placed beneath the road; ensuring only one line is visible. The hallmark of this system is the sleek discretion it provides.

System maintenance was provided with special 100mm and 200mm-wide sumps.

As paving features widely in towns of historical heritage like Alençon, a trench-drain with an opening of 18mm and D400 resistance class was chosen, ideal for use beneath this type of paving.  

ULMA met all the project requirements of finishes, deadlines, advice and installation.

Once again, good supplier and installer coordination was key to the success of this project.

So, do not forget to look down next time you are in Alençon: ULMA is now also part of its history.

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