No more excuses

No more excuses

My New Year's resolutions always include the phrase "do more sport"

Football is my favourite sport, but between work, the kids and laziness, I cannot seem to make my Thursday training sessions a routine... 

This year there are no more excuses for the residents of Boadilla del Monte. 

And they are in luck: The Condesa de Chichón Sports Complex, one of the largest sports centres in the Community of Madrid, covering an area of almost 50,000 square metres, is now operational. 

Exciting right, but there is more...

The first phase of infrastructure recovery has been inaugurated with the construction of a changing room area and the football area, (with two 11-a-side football pitches and one more 7-a-side football pitch). 

If you walk around, you will see our trench drains; we have supplied more than 1200ml, and now I want to tell you about the solutions (and more importantly, why). 

Technical advice: providing value to our customers

Choosing the best drainage solution requires a prior study of the terrain, and for that, there are several key factors that need to be analysed; the hydraulic capacity of the trench drains, the load they are going to support, and where they are to be installed.

Using our multiplatform software Optimal Drain, we carry out hydraulic calculations to validate the drainage systems. 

We help our clients to choose the best cost-optimised drainage solution with the guarantee offered by our technical-commercial department. 

After carrying out the appropriate analyses, we determined that the Condesa de Chinchón Sports Complex required different solutions: for the outdoor areas and parking ramps, we supplied MultiV+ technical trench drains, and for the football pitches and the shower and changing room area, trench drains from the Sport range. 

Here's why.

Technical drainage for outdoor areas

MultiV+ trench drains are an improved product range that is mainly used in pedestrian areas, commercial areas and car parks. 

In this case, 150 ml have been installed in the outer areas of the site and on the access ramps. 

These trench drains' V-shaped design provides superior hydraulic capacity, as the water drains at a higher velocity and thus improves the self-cleaning effect of the trench drain. 

But in addition to their self-cleaning effect, these trench drains have been installed using the Rapidlock® pressure locking system

If you have a project in hand, contact our technical-commercial department and we will advise you on the best cost-optimised drainage solution. 

Sport Range 

The trench drains of the Sport range have been designed for use in sports and leisure facilities. 

If you like to play football, you will know how unpleasant it is to play football on a flooded pitch. Well, to minimise waterlogging on football pitches as much as possible, the SPORT SU100.23R has a rounded edge. Thanks to this small detail, we improve the grip of the turf with the trench drain, giving a snug fit for the elements.

Moreover, since 3 football pitches have been built in this first phase, in total we have supplied more than 1000 metres of this model around the football pitches.

The Condesa de Chichón Sports Complex is a commitment to the development of local football. And as of now, we can start to enjoy its facilities. 

I, for one, am already working to ensure that next year the phrase "do more sport" disappears from my list of New Year's resolutions. There are no more excuses...  

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