ULMA channels in the new airport of Vitoria in BRAZIL

Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport is in the city of Vitoria and covers an area of 5 million square metres, operating both domestic and international flights. In total, almost 524 million has been invested in new facilities and runways.

In these refurbishment works, ULMA has fitted 1,400 linear metres of drainage channels. On the aircraft apron F300 channels have been installed with different heights and with slotted cast iron gratings, suitable for load class F900. For the aircraft parking area, F250K channels have been supplied, which are smaller and have slotted cast iron gratings suitable for load class D400.


These channels have been designed for heavy traffic areas and particularly for sections where  the gratings is subject to large axial stress due to the manoeuvring and braking that take place on top of them. For these reasons, they are an optimum drainage solution for airports, safely draining off rainwater at all times.

It should be pointed out that the drainage system is a key factor for an airport, both due to the substantial amount of water that can accumulate on the runways and to guarantee the resistance to heavy loads of up to F900 that has to be held by the grating and the channel.

ULMA Architectural Solutions is the official  supplier of two of the largest airport operators in the world.

PRODUCT INSTALLED: F300 and F250K channels, with cast iron grating.
PROJECT: Infraero
CONSTRUCTOR: Consórcio Jota Ele - Damiani - Empo

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