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Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

General Information

Address: Bº ZUBILLAGA 89
20560 OÑATI (Gipuzkoa)
Tax Identification Number: F20563623
Tel: 943 78 06 00

On Legal Property and Copyright

This website and its content are the property of ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP. The transmission, transfer, sale, lease and/or public display of this website is strictly prohibited without the authorization of ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP. The information and advice given on this website are for guidance only, ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP being exempt from any liability for the inaccuracy or ineffectiveness of such information or advice.

The ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP website offers information on the type of activity the company performs and the products and services it provides. ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP reserves the right to change the content of the website without notice and with no limitation. The information submitted to this website or introduced through its forms must be truthful and not violate third party rights or the law.

ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP is registered in the Cooperatives Registry of Euskadi, folio 798, entry 1, registration nº 96.0.046 as of September 17, 1996, under deed executed by the notary of Oñati, Mr. Francisco Javier Diez Ortiz, under Nº 534 of his protocol dated 23/07/1996, rectified by another under Nº 623 of his protocol dated September 23, 1996.

Personal Data Protection Policy

ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP applies the security levels required for the protection of personal data and ensures full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR).

ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP may use cookies when a user browses the website. The cookies make it possible to recognize the browsers, the language chosen for browsing and other user-configurable elements. Users may configure their browser to alert them when cookies are received and prevent the installation of cookies on their hard drive. Please see the instructions and manuals of your browser for further information. The cookies used cannot read the cookie files created by other providers.

ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO.S.COOP has adopted the legally required security levels for personal data protection and installs all other technical means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data provided to ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO S.COOP. However, the user should be aware that Internet security measures are not foolproof.

We inform you that the personal data you provide through this form will be treated confidentially and entered into the database of our company in order to process and respond to your request for information. From now on, unless we receive notification from you to the contrary, we assume that you agree to receive information from us on a regular basis. You are entitled at any time to exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition and to be informed of any assignments made by contacting ULMA HORMIGÓN POLÍMERO S.COOP at gdpr@ulmaarchitectural.com.