Olympic values that inspire us

The third largest ice rink in France

The French winter sports teams will travel to Beijing in early 2022 to take part in the Winter Olympics.

To meet this challenge, part of the ice hockey team is training at the Angers Iceparc, the third largest ice rink in France, which receives 330,000 visitors a year.

Olympic skating rink in Angers

The preparations for the Olympic cycles start soon. In April 2019, the city of Angers replaced the former Haras ice rink with the new Angers Iceparc project.

This renovation was necessary to modernise the training and competition facilities of the local professional clubs, in particular the Ducs d'Angers. In total, these clubs dedicate 3,000 hours of skating per year. During their matches, 5,000 spectators can attend.

For the Angers City Council, this is a long-term investment. The Ice Park offers 800 supervised sessions for the general public and a capacity of 1,500 skaters.

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ULMA's role: Civil F drainage channels

ULMA contributed to this large-scale project with a 102 ml line of F250K00R channels in front of the Angers Iceparc. This polymer concrete drainage channel is designed for high load areas and is suitable for all types of hydraulic requirements. The ULMA F range meets the demands of the Angers climate, with quite humid winters and hot summers.

At ULMA we are inspired by the Olympic values. We wish all the Angers Iceparc skaters to go: "faster, higher, stronger", as indicated by the Olympic motto which defines the spirit of improvement that every athlete must have.

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