Problem: How to prevent damage to drainage system from heavy machines passing through urban settings

Without sacrificing the accessibility that these spaces require
Problem: How to prevent damage to drainage system from heavy machines passing through urban settings

Today, we are going to a city in Northwest Spain: Valladolid. To be more precise, we are going to talk about Paseo de Zorrilla in Valladolid, one of the most famous and iconic places in the city. It is its main artery and, as such, one of the busiest places in the city.  

This hectic road requires comprehensive cleaning services ensuring the area around the Paseo is immaculate. To clean the city's streets, very heavy sweeping machines are utilised, these machines when passing over the drainage systems installed can cause damage to the channels. 

It was time to replace the damaged channels.  

The city council needed a robust drainage system with a large drainage capacity that also complied with required accessibility standards. 

The solution that we provided; The MultiV+100 channels with the Rapidlock locking system and heel guard grating (for the D400 load type).

Read on for more detail.

MultiV+ drainage channels with the Rapidlock® locking by pressing system

MultiV+ channels are an improved product range largely used in pedestrian areas, commercial areas and car parks. The V-shaped design of these channels delivers a higher hydraulic capacity, ensuring the water drains away quicker, thus improving the channel's self-cleaning effect. 

To install them, we used the Rapidlock® locking system, this system ensures the grating is secure and attached to the channel with ease. It is a screwless locking system. Yes, that is right: no screws. 


Remember the problem we described with sweeping machines; below we explain how this locking system resolved that!

Rapidlock® secured by pressure using 8 tension hooks per metre of channel, designed to exert constant tension on the grating, which ensures the grating adheres to the channel.

Thanks to the mechanical stability provided by these 8 attachment points forces are better distributed throughout the grating and the channel, thus preventing any form of movement that could be caused by sweeping machines or any other vehicle passing over it. 

In short, the Rapidlock® locking system ensures long-term durability and reduced risk of breakage.

Accessible and durable grating

The current accessibility standards require ease of movement and safety in urban areas such as Paseo de Zorrilla. To meet the various prerequisites that arise in settings such as this we installed gratings with small holes and narrow slots, commonly known as heel guard gratings. 

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As mentioned in the title of this article, we took into account the channelling system had to withstand the weight of sweeping machines; we chose a grating with a load type of up to D400; i.e. for normal and heavy traffic, with a breaking load of up to 40 T. 

With this channel and grating solution, we solved the problem presented to us: replacing channels and seeking to prevent any damage from sweeping machines passing over them, whilst still optimising their hydraulic capacity and complying with the accessibility standards compulsory in urban settings.

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