Technical and aesthetic drainage solution

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Technical and aesthetic drainage solution

A few months ago I had the chance to visit the French city of Rennes on a business trip attending an industry fair. We all know business trips are not holidays, but if you are lucky, you can steal a few moments to enjoy yourself.

Today I would like to tell you about my favourite place, should you visit the city one day, and while I am at it, I will also tell you about a project where we supplied drainage solutions.  

If you visit Rennes, the one place you must see is Place Sainte-Anne, located in the northern part of the city’s old town. This square is home to an enormous church called the Basilique Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle de Rennes.

If you appreciate urban landscapes as I do, I guarantee you that the beauty of this square will astound you. Moreover, if you also enjoy good food, this area is full of bars and restaurants with a fantastic atmosphere. My mouth starts watering as soon as I think of the savoury crêpes I tasted in the square, which are typical to Brittany.

Now onto the project. 

In this spectacular square, we installed ULMA drainage channel systems with two objectives in mind: to provide a technical solution for draining rainwater, and to do so using an aesthetically pleasing grating. 


Technical drainage: MultiV+ channels (and why they should interest you)

First, I will tell you about our most widely used system - MultiV

  • Durability over time: Made from polymer concrete, they are up to four times more durable than traditional concrete channels.  As such, the drainage system will last much longer. 
  • Reduced cleaning costs: the optimised V-shaped channel causes the water to drain faster, helping to remove sediment more effectively and thus provide self-cleaning properties. In other words, these channels require less maintenance because they clean themselves. 
  • Savings on labour costs: thanks to the Rapidlock® screw-free fixing system, the grating can be fixed to the channel in just a second, with no need for tools. Quick and easy.

For Saint-Anne we supplied two different models from the MultiV+ range: The R200GH1 channel model with a mixed slope and low-profile channels. 

The mixed slope—which is presloped but, also with a cascaded slope—is perfect for draining long sections, as it optimises the hydraulic capacity. Installations with a slope also have another added benefit enabling the channels to be connected to the existing water network.  

In addition, for cases where a low water supply line was required we chose the R200GH8 low-profile channels. The external width of these channels is 236 mm and the total height is 80 mm. 

So, how did we meet the aesthetic part of this challenge?

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Since this is an urban environment, the appearance of the grating was an important factor. In this case we installed heel-proof longitudinal slotted gratings – maybe we should advise the part number of this grating ?. This type of grating is equipped with 45° water directing slits and pivots and has a catchment area of 720.55 cm²/ML.

So now you know: if you visit Rennes, make sure you stop by Place Sainte-Anne to appreciate the urban landscape, enjoy a crêpe and, while you're there, look down and you'll see our drainage solutions ;-p

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