The Chartres aerodrome reaches new heights

The Chartres aerodrome reaches new heights

We all daydream, and often it’s what drives our hopes and ambitions.

However, it is also important to live in the present, so let us come down from the clouds and land at the Chartres-Métropole aerodrome.

Once a military flight school during the World War I, this airport was occupied by the Germans during the World War II. Nowadays. it houses around thirty recreational planes belonging to clubs and associations, as well as about twenty gliders. 

To be safe and efficient, this aerodrome requires modern equipment that meets the needs of its many users. 

The Chartres aerodrome has recently undergone seven years of building work at the request of its main users, five resident clubs and private pilots.

In an environment characterised by the noise of engines and complex planning, dialogue is essential! Following on from the consultation, rebuilding the runways and the hangar areas during the quieter winter months was considered a priority. 

But let’s start at the beginning, remembering the key element for the operation and safety of the aerodrome: the installation of a new drainage system adapted to the site and resistant to aircraft traffic.

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Civil-F: heavy duty channels

Our Civil-F range is especially suited to this kind of environment, as it can bear loads of up to 90 tonnes.  

Its many benefits include various channel widths edged in either galvanized steel or ductile cast iron with the possibility of built-in slope. This last characteristic is particularly significant in situations where the ground is flat and hydraulic drainage is challenging. 

ULMA’s exclusive system, the Civil-F range, guarantees an overall reduction in material and installation costs. It’s also an ideal long-term solution, as its self-cleaning nature limits the accumulation of sediment and is cost-saving.

The runway asphalt is equipped with channels from this range. The extension of the taxiway, a key element for users, guarantees the aircraft can fly in any season.

The Chartres-Métropole aerodrome thus offers the best services and facilities to the whole aeronautical family: pilots, instructors, amateur constructors, young trainees or apprentices.

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