Two benefits that might interest you

Cost optimisation and an extraordinary material
Two benefits that might interest you

It was a struggle but the time has come. 

After a two-year hiatus, we were eager to be back in contact with our customers by taking part in industry fairs and conferences. 

So far this year, we have attended several fairs in different countries but if there is one European city in particular that is working hard to become a leader in business tourism its Toulouse, the capital of the French Occitanie region.

In its effort to reinforce its draw in terms of national and international business tourism, it designed the MEETT, a new convention and exhibition centre built on 55 hectares of land and located in the innovation zone in the north of the city. 

In this context, and amidst the construction of the new centre, the planners contacted us to ask for advice on the drainage and water evacuation at its facilities.

Today, we want to tell you about two benefits that set us apart from the competition:

Cost optimisation

The first thing we did was carry out a hydraulic study with a few of the project's known parameters, including line lengths, input areas, site slopes, and runoff coefficients for each surface.

This is the first benefit that sets us apart from all other drainage solution providers: the hydraulic study in projects offers the advantage of allowing the client to choose the channels most suited to each project's requirements, with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

For the MEETT Convention and Exhibition Centre in Toulouse, we went with the MultiV+ technical channels. 

The V-shaped design of the MULTIV+® channels was developed to drain water faster and improve the channel's self-cleaning capacity. 

Its optimised section, which is larger than the traditional V-shaped sections currently on the market, provides superior hydraulic capacity with extreme flows, making it the best option for stretches with no longitudinal slope.

However, in addition to cost optimisation, there is a second benefit: 

For more information, contact our Technical and Sales Department who will be delighted to offer you personalised advice. 

A material with extraordinary characteristics

All our solutions are designed in polymer concrete, a material with extraordinary characteristics that helps the system achieve noteworthy results. I will explain:

Polymer concrete has a water absorption index of virtually zero compared with the 5-10% of traditional concrete. When translated to results, with our drainage solutions you will optimise the product's durability and resistance. This makes our material perfect for draining fluids, as it is four times more resistant than traditional concrete. 

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