ULMA drainage at the new Femexfut sports facilities- MEXICO

The Mexican Football Federation, which is responsible for the organisation, validation and regulation of competitions, clubs and professional and amateur players and referees in the country, has trusted in ULMA Architectural Solutions’ drainage solutions for its new sports facilities located in the Toluca municipality, in Mexico State.

The high quality of the material, polymer concrete, in combination with the aesthetic solutions offered, have been the reason why they have chosen it.


At the building's main access, we opted for the SELF200 channel with a single-slot grating. These inverted "T" gratings are the ideal solution for paved areas, pedestrian areas, squares, etc. They blend in perfectly with the pavement, without relinquishing hydraulic collection capacity and are suitable for loads up to class D400, maintaining the aesthetics, as well as the functionality.

On the 5 pitches built at these important facilities, channels from the SELF range were supplied, the SELF200 channel with galvanized steel grating, for A15 load classes, ideal for pedestrian and cycling zones and sports facilities, among others.

On the other hand, in the outdoor and underground car parks, channels from the S and F ranges were installed, specially designed for areas where vehicle traffic is continuous, such as car parks, industrial buildings, loading and unloading areas, motorways, airports... The channels provided were models F250K and S200F, both with slotted ductile iron gratings, suitable for up to D400 load classes.

The work has been completed providing a specific response to each area, where requirements were different, offering a solution for each need.

DEVELOPER: Mexican Football Federation

CONTRUCTION FIRM: Rager Instalaciones.

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