ULMA drainage channels in the historical Lord´s Cricket Ground in London

The home of cricket trust in ULMA for its update.
ULMA drainage channels in the historical Lord´s Cricket Ground in London

Today I want to talk about the oldest and most iconic cricket ground in the world.

Yes, the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

I am curious by nature. I like to think that we all are, or at least have been when we were kids.

So, here I come with some curiosities about the sport and the stadium:

  • Did you know that Cricket is believed to have originated as a children's game in the south-eastern counties of England, during the medieval period?

            See, children, curiosity, a ball and a bat.

  • And the 2nd fact: Lord's ground hosted its first match on 21st July 1884 between England and Australia? Who won? England, by an innings and 3 runs.
  • Are you aware that it houses the world’s oldest sports museum?
  • I am sure you knew this one, that Lord’s ground is known as the “House of Cricket”.
  • And to finish with, the word “Slope" is probably the most used word by commentators whenever the Lord's cricket ground hosts a Test Match. 

Why is this? 

Because the stadium is actually tilted on one side a little bit which makes a lot of significance. The slope is from the north end of the ground to the south end of the ground. And the difference in depth is 2.5 metres.

This is where I wanted to arrive:

With or without a slope?  That's the question. 

Sometimes, having or not having a slope in a site, can make all the difference for the drainage solution needed. 

As you know, as slope limitations can be found in some places, but in ULMA we have a solution:

The first Polymer Concrete channel with built-in 2.5% slope.

These models provide greater hydraulic capacity, and resolve the slope limitations found in some places.

The slope accelerates the water flow, and thanks to the speed it reaches, it is possible to drain more water.

This characteristic gives the possibility to use smaller channels, making it possible to save in both installation and product.

These slope-in models can drain up to 100 l/s in 20 ml.

It is possible to install up to 40 linear metres, in two 20-metre sections, with a single water outlet. This enables it to drain large areas of land and rain flows, with very few outlet points.

Thanks to the speed of the water travelling down the channel, it carries with it any sediment, such as dust or small stones, accumulated in the absence of rain. This creates a self-cleaning effect, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it ensures that 100% of the channel section is in perfect condition for drainage.

We have started with some curiosities, so let's finish with another one.

Lord’s stadium has its own slope, so we did not use this model here, but we used the model F300K this time, not to drain water, but to house electrical and communications cables between the staging and the pitch.

Yes, in its renovation plan, sections of the ground were updated to meet the incredible standards of this international sporting venue. And ULMA contributed with the installation of these large capacity channels for other of its uses, electrical wiring conduction.

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