ULMA drainage solutions on central Lisbon

ULMA drainage solutions on central  Lisbon

This area of Lisbon has recently been renovated to draw more attention to it and make it a livelier place In this regard, apart from renovating the area itself, the city council has actually moved there and the famous plastic artist, Joana Vasconcelos, has created a small and beautiful garden in wrought iron, which invites passers-by to sit and admire the buildings with tiled facades that are so emblematic of the city.

ULMA installed URBAN-system channels in this renovation.

On one hand, ULMA provided the U100 channel with a continuous slope and slot drainage on the sides, exclusively designed in stainless steel for this project. This class of grate in an inverted “L” shape is an ideal solution for cobblestoned areas in pedestrian areas or plazas. The aesthetic appearance is remarkable, as it perfectly integrates with the pavement, to the extent that it is indistinguishable from its surrounding, but without compromising its hydraulic capacity. It can be used for up to D-400 load class as per Standard EN-1433. As it consists of a lateral slotted grate, it is the optimal option for installation in areas near walls. On the other hand, U200 channels with cast iron drainage inlets were installed..

The URBAN system channels are the best option for the purposes of incorporating slopes in areas with light traffic, such as pedestrian zones.

In total, approximately 160 lineal metres of ULMA’s drainage solution were installed in the streets of this central neighbourhood of Lisbon.

DEVELOPER: Lisbon City Council.
INSTALLED PRODUCT: U100 Channels with slope and offset slot grating . U200 Channel with cast-iron grating.

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