A clean, simple and durable facade for the San Juan de Dios centre in Ciempozuelos, Madrid (Spain)

It combines textures, colours and horizontal and vertical installation systems.

The new Antón Martín Psychogeriatric unit is located in the hospital complex of the Order of San Juan de Dios in Ciempozuelos, and the ULMA Facade Cladding system was chosen for this building.

Combination of textures, colours and installation systems

In this project, a total of 4500m2 of facade cladding has been installed.

Two textures and several colours have been chosen for the building's skin. On the main facade, overlooking the “Plaza de la Convivencia”, a bluish tone was chosen, and the vertical panel installation system has been used. Meanwhile, the horizontal system has been chosen for the rest of the building, in dimensions of 90x180 cm.

For the rest of the facades, on the top part, the Feel range has been used in a light shade, and for the base on which the building rests, the Look-Water range has been chosen in a grey shade, with a corrugated texture installed vertically.

Material and service

As one of the architects responsible for the project, Rafael Fernando Pérez, told us, "the aim was to design a building with a clean and simple volumetry, a resistant ventilated facade of minimal thickness, and in different textures and colours".

Thanks to its physical properties, Stoneo responds to all these needs and offers the possibility of manufacturing highly resistant panels with minimal thickness.

In addition, as Pérez explained, "ULMA certifies and guarantees the entire facade, it is a system composed of several elements (structure and panels) that together form the facade, it is a unit".

This centre of the Order of San Juan de Dios has different services, including the University Nursing College, the Physiotherapy College and now the Psychogeriatric Unit.

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier