KOMPAQDRAIN compact trench drain with max flow effect

Specifically designed for areas with high traffic density, this new compact trench drain manufactured in polymer concrete is even suitable for F900 load class, according to standard EN-1433. Motorways, airports, service stations and other intense traffic areas require high drainage and maximum safety requirements to which KOMPAQDRAIN® responds with a combination of features that make it unique on the market.

MAX FLOW effect

The original curved design of the inlets, together with the non-slip surface and water router, which optimise its collection and utilise the energy from the falling water, lead to the new Max Flow® effect, increasing the water speed and its drainage capacity. In addition, the progressive widening of the holes, prevents the accumulation of waste. Therefore KOMPAQDRAIN® can drain the same volume of water with a smaller channel.

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Curved design of the inlets
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Increases water speed and drainage capacity
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Progressive widening to prevent obstruction

KOMPAQDRAIN advantages
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Pikolin trusts ULMA Drainage for its new factory in Zaragoza

According to Pikolin, its new facilities, covering 85,000 square metres in which the Aragón-based company has invested €50 million, are the largest and most advanced industrial complex in Europe in the bedding industry.

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CAMPOFRÍO trusts in ULMA Drainage once again for its factory in Burgos

Thanks to an investment of €225 million, an area of 99,000m2 and a production capacity of more than 100,000 tons a year, the new CAMPOFRÍO plant in Burgos, which opened its doors 2 years after a fire destroyed the old one, is the largest and most modern meat complex in Europe.

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KOMPAQDRAIN® trench drain on a road in northern Italy

Extension work has been carried out on the regional road as it passes through Pasiano di Pordenone, in northern Italy, where the optimum KompaqDrain® drainage channel solution has been installed at the entry/exit overpass.

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