MultiV+ trench drain: Drains quicker and costs less

Maintenance and installation cost savings and safety in 8 attachment points
MultiV+ trench drain: Drains quicker and costs less

If you need to drain rainwater in car parks, commercial areas or pedestrian zones, you will be glad to hear that with the MULTIV+ range of trench drains you can do it at a more competitive price thanks to its optimised design.


MultiV trench drain - designed to allow you to choose a less expensive trench drain for the same section and improve the cost of your works or project.

Below are the benefits that using Multiv+ can add to your drainage project. 

V-section: reduced maintenance costs

As well as allowing you to choose a less expensive trench drain, the trench drains' V-shape drains the water more quickly, enabling them to remove more sediment, thus achieving a self-cleaning effect. 

But how will the drainage system benefit from this? 

It will need less maintenance and there will be lower cleaning costs.

Because the V-shape provides:

  • Greater speed at low flow rates
  • Greater capacity at extremely high flow rates

This is because we have redesigned the V-section of the optimised MultiV+, making it larger than the traditional V-sections available on the market. 

Rapidlock®: lower installation costs

The trench drains in the MULTIV+ range can be supplied with a Bolted system or Rapidlock®

Rapidlock® is a quick, screwless locking system which allows you to quickly, safely and easily attach the grating to the trench drain body with a simple click.

You reduce your labour costs because you can:

  • Attach the grating to the trench drain in no time at all
  • Install without needing tools

You also reduce your maintenance costs, because the process of opening and closing the gratings takes less time. 

8 attachment points: more durable and stronger

Each metre of trench drain has 8 attachment points, while most trench drains on the market only have 4. 

This results in greater stability and more evenly distributed forces along the entire grating and trench drain, making them safer and stronger

This reduces the risk of any breakages or problems in the long run and the drainage system has a longer service life. 

Rapidlock® or screw-fastened: your choice

The MultiV+ range allows you to switch between or combine the Rapidlock® and Bolted locking systems with an interchangeable fixing element.

  • Even with the trench drains already installed
  • Without needing to change the grating
  • By simply changing the fixing elements

The Multi V+ drainage system is available in widths of 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm and in multiple heights, up to a D400 load type. You can also choose 0.5% presloped or a cascaded slope. 

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