A matter of speed

ULMA Kompaqdrain channels at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit
A matter of speed

I have to confess, I love Formula 1.

I suppose that our interests are to some extent conditioned by what we grow up with, and I have some very good memories of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where I often go to enjoy one of my passions: speed. 

That’s why I got so excited when I was told that we were going to supply trench drains to this place that is so special to me.  

So, with the satisfaction of a job well done, I’d like to tell you about this project where we supplied Kompaqdrain compact trench drains.

Kompaqdrain compact trench drain 

These are monolithic trench drains with a grating integrated into one single body. Since these trench drains are compact (the grating and channel are integrated into one single piece), they offer increased safety and stability. 

But let’s go into more detail about its features and benefits. I'll talk about three in particular and tell you why they were decisive in this project.

The first feature is that the entire range of Kompaqdrain trench drains includes the exclusive max-flow system, and thanks to the original reverse tapering design of the inlet holes, we are able to increase the speed of the water and the drainage capacity of the trench drain.  

The second feature is the surface of the trench drain. The Kompaqdrain Industry model is designed with a reverse anti-slip surface, which also includes elements that direct the water towards the collection holes. These holes are small in size (30 x 25 mm) and have a surface design without protrusions, to prevent vibration in cars as they drive over them. 

And finally, that are made from polymer concretea material that is highly resistant to compression; it can withstand up to 1300 kp/cm2, whereas traditional concrete can only withstand up to 500 kp/cm2. Furthermore, the hardness of the silica aggregates ensures that the surfaces exposed to road traffic will be well preserved, one of the characteristics of the circuit located in Montmeló, where there is constant traffic of loaded lorries.

You already know why Kompaqdrain were installed at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but there is one more detail that the project managers were very satisfied with, and it’s important that you know about it. 

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Delivery times 

Once we supplied the product and completed the installation, we spoke with the project managers to get some feedback, and they rated us particularly highly for the fact that we met all the delivery times. 

I won’t lie, the delivery requirements were very tight, because the Formula 1 world championship was about to start, but we managed it. 

Do you know how? Thanks to coordination and teamwork. Because, what use is having the best product on the market if you're not there when the customer needs you?

At ULMA we have an extensive national sales and distribution network to guarantee that our drainage solutions are available whenever and wherever you need them. 

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