How to increase the durability of trench drains in coastal environments

How to increase the durability of trench drains in coastal environments

Did you know that the Atlantic Ocean is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world? In addition, on the Atlantic coast the humidity level is around 80%? 

This is important information to bear in mind before selecting drainage solutions as to ensure channels don't deteriorate over time, it's crucial that the materials used adapt to the environment where they are to be installed. 

Today we will be discussing how the durability of drainage solutions can be increased, even in areas with a significant marine presence. Because it is possible. 

We all know that excess salt isn't good for the body. Simply stop and think how many people you know who take steps to reduce the amount of salt in their diets. Well, the same goes for the grating in channels: proximity to the sea affects their condition and can cause wear and tear problems like rust. 

That is exactly what was happening along the promenade of Sardina Beach in Gáldar, in the northwest of Gran Canaria.

The local government launched a full refurbishment project on the avenue. This was an ambitious project, that sought to widen the avenue and gain pedestrian space, and, among other actions, new trench drains were installed to replace the old ones, which had deteriorated. 

It's not magic; it's Optimal Drain

When a restoration project like the one in Gáldar is commenced, there is a clear premise: project managers want to ensure that all the time and work invested is worth it. That's because once you're ready to do something, it's best to do it well from the start, without cutting corners. 

This is where our technical service comes into play. I will not drone on about how great these people are, or waste time praising them to the hilt. However, what I will say is they have developed multi-platform software that carries out hydraulic studies to guarantee planned channel systems are the best they can be, in terms of both drainage capacity and cost. In other words, they know beforehand which channel model is the most suited to each project. They are amazing. 

Why am I telling you this? Because for this project we were initially asked for a quote for a certain channel model but after performing the hydraulic calculation, our colleagues realised it was not the best option.  

Kompaqdrain monolithic channels in polymer concrete

The result was the installation of Kompaqdrain monolithic channels whose channel and grating are manufactured as a single part. In addition, the CITY model (the one used on this project) has a characteristic suited to pedestrian areas: its grating features slimmer collection holes to prevent people from stumbling or falling.  

Are you looking for quality trench drains that stand the test of time? We can offer you advice here.

Now back to the initial question: 

What is the key to channels enduring in coastal areas? The answer is the material. 

Kompaqdrain channels are manufactured entirely in polymer concrete. This is a high-quality material comprised of a select combination of aggregates bound together by polymer resin, with a resistance four times greater than traditional concrete and highly resistant to saline environments.

Now you know: if you want to bid farewell to pathologies caused by saltpetre from the sea and increase the durability of trench drains, Kompaqdrain channels in polymer concrete are the answer. 

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